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InnovaStore  next level

InnovaStore next-level is now available!

Today’s context eCommerce is growing and expanding in every industry and domain. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses converted their physical stores into eCommerce stores marking a remarkable step in the eCommerce Industry of Sri Lanka

Future Innovation Strategies (Pvt) Ltd has planned to create an eCommerce service portal as a new experience for Sri Lanka and the initial release has been planned to be released in July 2020. The main story behind the Innovastore next level eCommerce Platform is to deliver any service to customers only with online payments with the granted trust of a reputed Internet payment gateway backed by a bank to ensure the high-quality services with transparency and integrity.

InnovaStore next level platform offers Business Analysis, Project Management, Creative/Business Content, Accounting, Mentoring/Coaching, and Search Engine Optimization services and intends to expand with many more service in the upcoming months.

For the Customer’s convenience, ensure the trust and maximize usage of digitization, InnovaStore has introduced the Flexi-Pay service facilitating to pay 40% upfront and pay 30% at the review and 30% at the completion of the services as another change in the service dimension.

Visit us: InnovaStore and For more details about Flexi-pay: Service Details.

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