Foundation is built and innovation is on the way and moretocomesoon


2015 coming out of Graduate School believing in a change, the Future Foundation Concept has been built.

Rejecting and accepting people and opportunities with the hope of concreting the foundation for an upcoming skyscraper.

To create a better future via foundation thinking about today and predicting the Future the year 2020 as a milestone.

FutureFoundation.Today the blog and forum none visits.

Placing cornerstone for FutureFoundation.Today in 2017 June as a blog and a forum, as ”Knowledge Hub” and as ”Discuss Forum”. Understanding the hardest keywords to retain on any method of Marketing on any search engine. Having a small amount only enough for hosting and a domain.

With less than 1 year of experience in the industry, thanking all the people and companies for providing the knowledge and booster for a foundation.

Dramas, Traffic, and opportunities

2018 has been wonderful got opportunities. to play with a lot of responsibilities with one plus experience. THANKING ALL WHO SHADOWED AND BACKED TOWARDS THE DRIVING SEAT.

FutureFoundation.Today started getting more traffic all around the globe. Extended with Speed Test with Future Foundation and Future Network a social network has been complete failures with resources and strategy.

October to November Phoenix period for the foundation towards Innovation. Cornerstone innovation has been kept targeting 2020.

Challenges battles and fighting towards Sun of 2020

2019 Full of challenges and some opportunities were missed. Under the shade of trust on confidence get going towards, especially would like to thank all the battles, challenges, and shades not last equally and on top.

Future Innovation is on the way in 2020.


More to come soon. Stay Tuned. Will be the next. Stay tuned for what and when…

Special thanks to shades, battles next also for the shaders but not last.

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