Winning formula for the year 2020, not late but in February — Only for really interested.

I let everyone present their own plans and execute and evaluates success/failure. Some might have worked definitely some may not. Ultimate is you have at least tried the plans/ the formulas. Now we will check whether how i feel and what worked for me.

1. Teaching by examples.

Being an example is not easy as you think and you can simply say, you should 95% prove it with examples. How it can be done is the problem most difficult answer in term of action, First, you need to pick a role model you want to become. Understand the areas you like and dislike about the personality. Then you need to do the same for you. The most important is not your strengths and the role models dislike. You need to understand and work on your weaknesses and strengths of the role model you honestly you need to bring into your transformation.

2. Be yourself

Understanding you would help you to be yourself. Being yourself would more and more promote your satisfaction towards courage. Courage would bring out the natural sprit within you to prove yourself.

3. Understand the priority

You need to dream big unless you may not able to find yourself and the priority. Daydreams never going to support you with your expectations. You need to work unless you would definitely fail with being yourself understanding you but without utilizing yourself.

4. Working with commitment without disappointing yourself.

Once you have a priority, work towards it with your best effort.

5. Focus the Future.

Focus the future not only today. Today’s foundation would create a platform for the future. Be futuristic that would create optimism and the can-do mindset.

6. Expect the Unexpected.

You need to always expect the unexpected than your expectations. Your positive foundation would provide you the morale and strength to create the unshakable.

7. Try until you succeed.

You should always need to expect failures in the journey. Failures would create a solid foundation opening the doors of achievement and accomplishment.

More to come soon…

Motivate yourself until you get motivated. Motivation would create success for 2020. — Roshan Rupasinghe

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