Why Future Innovation?

Our mission and vision are about our professional community. Future Innovation brings you a brighter future and we invite you to join our community. We strongly believe we can help you. Our fundamental would be unless you try how could you become who you want.

Secrets of the Innovation.


Our Story

Our Mission is to share the knowledge and improve the skills and competencies of the professionals who intend to establish a prestigious career as the change enablers. We foresight the future essentials for the professionals to place them in a safe and commanding position in the most demanding industry of change enabling.

We call ourselves the Future Innovation because we encourage the professionals to dream about, invest in, and prepare for their futures. In our way, we build a foundation for the best future for all of us

Our Guiding Principles

We’re, all in this together as one community. We believe nothing truly happens instead life is changed. No one has all the answers to the questions come up. But we can bring together the community who can find them. Results you can measure are the only outcomes that matter. There is always a way to be faster and better. The greatest good is helping the community live their best life story.

Who are we?

Our founder is Roshan Rupasinghe, and He knows the hardships professionals face due to the lack of knowledge on the up to date the skills, competencies, technologies and techniques, so he decided to do something about it.

Since its inception in 2017, the Future Innovation has grown into a successful ‘Partner’ for the online professional community.

Driven by a dedicated team of writers, we are nationally recognized for our innovative programs and our service. Instead, there are still thousands of youth in our communities who miss out. That need, and the difference we can make drives us for the future.

Message from Founder

The importance of education was instilled in me at an early age. My parents always stressed to me that I could accomplish my goals through education. While growing up in Sri Lanka, I was fortunate enough to have access to high standards of education and a variety of extracurricular activities that have helped to shape my life in a positive way.  As a young boy with fair opportunity and exposure to many activities, I was able to develop strong characteristics of confidence and independence, which pushed me to succeed.

Founding the Future Innovation of Sri Lanka has enabled me to realize my ultimate goal to help build professional development awareness through the education of our young people. My vision is to see our well-educated Sri Lankan Community become that spark in revitalizing Sri Lanka. Please join me on this journey; together we will empower the youth of Sri Lanka through knowledge and competence.