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Api Liyamu provides you the limitless knowledge, experience and motivation to your career and life.

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Any Innovation Service Online

Now you can get any innovation service simply with online payments without any hassles or delays.

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Learning and Earning

Let's learn and earn online, for an affordable cost with Future Innovation, we guarantee your success.

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Future innovation’s mission and vision are about innovating and inspiring the world with the digitization. Future Innovation brings you limitless knowledge, services with an own affordable framework, and support in learning to enlighten your lives. We strongly believe we can help you. Our cornerstone is the foundation, you could invest in to build your future. Your foundation would bridge your today for a brighter future. We believe investing in today would help you to rise and shine in the future.

Future Innovation was formerly known as Future Foundation and in 2017 Future Foundation has launched just as a blog and a discussion forum. Future Foundation promoted the blog as “Knowledge Hub” and discussion forum as “Discuss Forum”. Making small steps Future Foundation introduced the Speed test service, Future Network a social network, and Innovation learning the online learning platform. Making a dramatic change as Future Innovation we have introduced “InnovaStore” online eCommerce Service Portal delivering a new experience and flexible options for the audience. Api Liyamu and Learn are ongoing projects by the innovation team.

The Innovation team plans to deliver more with Api Liyamu as a platform to read, write, share, and network and learn and earn the initiative to make the next change in online learning.

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles and core values are simple and powerful to enlighten the team, the work, and innovations.

  1. Innovation and Inspiration are the keys to our unique success.
  2. Our outcomes are innovated and inspired by the quality of work and commitment.
  3. Our commitment and quality of work have been insured with the groundwork of helping the clients for success stories.
  4. We value teamwork and equality to ensure commitment and contributions.
  5. We believe the best contributions create great products, services, customer satisfaction, and futures.

Our Story

Our objective is to create unique frameworks and innovative products and services to help our clients and to share knowledge and experiences to improve your skills and competencies that could make a change. We help professionals who intend to establish a prestigious career and have inspirational lives. We foresight the future essentials for the professionals to place them in a safe and commanding position.

Our Innovation Store Service is designed to help individuals to get our services with comfort while providing flexible options and diversified product range to enable the digital transformation. We call ourselves the Future Innovation because we encourage the professionals to dream about, invest in, and prepare for their futures. In our way, we build a foundation for the best future for all of us.

Message From the Founder

The importance of education was instilled in me at an early age. My parents always stressed to me that I could accomplish my goals through education. While growing up in Sri Lanka, I was fortunate enough to have access to high standards of education and I have experienced a variety of challenges in teenage and early career.

At a young age with fair opportunity and exposure to many challenges and experiences, I was able to develop strong characteristics of confidence and independence, which pushed me to succeed. I strongly believe that every day we get a lot of opportunities we never know how to utilize.

Founding the Future Innovation has enabled me to realize my ultimate goal to help build professional development awareness through education. My vision is to see utilize skills and talents to create more and more innovations. Invite all to join me on this journey; together to make a change by being change to be better and see the best.